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Common Sense T&C's

We like customers, you are the reason my daughter can go to Dance classes and my son can get the Lego he wants. We simply ask you to follow and agree to the following:


-We have heavy carpets or flooring to move into and around your property. We've done the same thing thousands of times and are REALLY careful but sometimes a wall may get scuffed or similar 'wear and tear'. Sometimes you may need to touch up a bit of paintwork etc. Be assured, we dont do it on purpose and, as said, we do our upmost best to avoid any such instances

-We will move furniture. Please accept that we are again very carful BUT some items like IKEA wardrobes have silly plinths etc that if wardrobed is not fully lifted will literally tear off! We cant be responsible for this as its near impossible to lift some items within confines of some rooms! Other furniture carries same principle. We are careful but can't be Superheroes or magicians

-We will invoice you. We probably haven't taken a deposit so please pay promptly as we have to settle our suppliers invoices in same fashion!

-WE will quote best price as possible for you and include all goods, fitting and VAT. To save on goods we may need joins in some places to save on waste offcuts. Customers prefer to have spent money on carpet thats fitted rather than a load of big square bits!!

-All work we do is guaranteed. We will come back and rectify any genuine issues with the fitting and sort out any issues with the product if supplied by ourselves. No time scale, we simply don't want you ever feeling short changed or disappointed.

-PLEASE ask questions! We deal with LOTS of customers at same time so can't spend hours listing everything at quote stage, I simply haven't got time. Ask anything you need to. I promise to reply to verify anything you need to know